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Tuhongtao & William Chan

Hongtao Tu was born in Sichuan, China. He is skilled in integrating traditional Chinese aesthetics with post-war abstract art, forming a vivid, innovative, and unique artistic style. He believes "everything has a spirit." Mountains, waters, flowers, and plants coexist naturally. Through exploration of landscapes and abstraction, he explores the organic evolution of imagery and technology. He has been widely recognized for his outstanding painting skills and sensitive expressions of social forms.

William Chan, an actor, singer, host and the founder & creative Director of CANOTWAIT_. Combining traditional Chinese culture with modern street culture, William strives to create vibrant designs that express the warm spirit of the brand. This spirit was established when CANOTWAIT was founded in 2020, based on his personal reflections on art and street culture.

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The BE@RBRICK features glowing eyes shaped like a "V" for each eye, symbolizing double "V" become “W” as in "William." This represents what William constantly pursues - bringing more sunlight into the world and sharing positive energy with those around him. To enhance the traditional Chinese culture aspect, a "landscape" painting by crossover artist Hongtao Tu is printed on the BE@RBRICK, injecting a vivid, innovative, and unique artistic flair into the creation. Through this collaboration, William Chan and Hongtao Tu aim to introduce this new art form to a wider audience, allowing people to experience the exciting collision and integration of traditional and modern street culture while having fun.

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