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ASCE and CROSS STUDIO co-present the “TOY STORY” Hong Kong & Macau Joint Exhibition, aiming to start an art journey. The three participating artists, ARKIV VILMANSA, KSANER and LALA COMPANY, are adept at bringing out the hidden whimsical details of daily life through various art forms, breaking traditional perceptions of childlike fun and exploring new possibilities. “Joyful Childhood“ is no longer just a term for children; ‘kidulting’ is also another form of expressing childish fun. The artists express their deep-seated feelings of joy through their brushstrokes. This exhibition features artworks created or selected by artists specifically for the theme. These works not only explore new styles or forms but also embodies playful content with intriguing and limitless creativity at its core.


“Tour Exhibition” means a joint exhibition in Hong Kong and Macau, showcasing how artists integrate the concept of childlike wonder into their understanding and expression of art. Through interesting artistic interpretation, it conveys the stories behind art and trendy toys, brings joy to people, satisfies a childlike heart, and keeps the world inquisitive and creative all the time.

“TOY STORY” may refer to dolls, techniques, or new things, just like the creations and works of artists. There is no need to follow the established rules, no longer restricted to the form of expression, allowing creativity and inspiration to spread freely. With color or just black-and-white, painting or sculpture, traditional or digital… Through the surface of childlike-themed creations, the artists delve deep into the artist's reflections and moments of inspiration, inviting viewers to experience multidimensional artistic transformations within a joyful artistic ambiance.




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When TOY STORY Meets Innovation at the Hong Kong-Macau Exhibition:

Indonesian artist ARKIV VILMANSA presents the unknown and quirky nature of Wounderland through his iconic characters Mickiv and Domma. With sculptures, prints and skateboards specially created for the exhibition, ARKIV always follows his intuition and bursts with inspiration from cartoons and colors.

Chinese artist KSANER interprets his unique understanding of the exhibition theme with his independent IP - EYEONE. The first ever basketball peripheral, sculptures both large and small that combine artistic images, encourages people to explore new fun in ordinary daily life.

Malaysian artist Radio Woon brings his own illustration project LALA COMPANY to present the concept of ‘TOY STORY’, with a new series of artworks "My Boring Moments", which are specially created for the exhibition. This is the first time that the artist has created acrylic paintings in a concentrated manner and in series, and it also means that he no longer just stays in the state of "boredom", but tries to capture the momentary joy, thus making more attempts from Sculptures to Carpets, from Skateboards to Capsule Art Toy, which echoes the playful core of the exhibition——everyday life is always inspired, while art always has infinite possibilities.

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