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Established in 1996 under the slogan “Making things that we want rather than product development based on marketing”, MEDICOM TOY designs and produces various character figures in a wide range of categories from movies, TV shows, comics, video games and etc. In 2001, the company created a bear-shaped block type figure “BE@RBRICK” which has collaborated with various artists, brands, companies and characters from all over the world. MEDICOM TOY also has a wide range of business activities, including the development of a textile brand “FABRICK®” and the production of “Sync.” MEDICOM TOY is running six retail stores with different characteristics ("Project 1/6", "MEDICOM TOY Solamachi store", "MEDICOM TOY PLUS", "2G”) in 3 cities: Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya.

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This BE@RBRICK is crafted from the unique and precious tiger eye stone from Koshu, Japan. It showcases a captivating gradient of colors, transitioning from golden to reddish-brown, emitting a radiant glow. Each piece is finished by hand using only water, sand, and skilled craftsmanship.. It takes dozens of hours to make one piece, with master craftsmen working on them individually. Combining playful design with the elegance of natural stone, this Tiger eye BE@RBRICK blends the beauty of art with that of nature, making it a truly collectible art piece.

*Open to pre-order

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