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Still Moving Under Gunfire

SMG is a lifestyle label that recognizes the stressful moments and volatile nature of life and how one literally feels that he or she is “under gunfire” at times. It all started with the concept of “Still Moving UnDer Gun firE”, in short, SMUDGE. The label holds the essence to the concept, thus the acronym SMG. The word “SMUDGE” also takes on a special meaning for the brand as it reminds us that our beliefs and philosophies defines and “smudges” our life canvas. Despite adversaries in life, we should still move on, under the constant gunfire of modern society. These beliefs are carefully translated into products’ design. At the same time, SMG sincerely hopes that all who supports and wears the SMG label will hold these noble beliefs and strengths.

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CANOTWAIT_'s first collaboration with BE@RBRICK draws inspiration from the brand's iconic "Venus Fly Trap" element. The transparent BE@RBRICK body is filled with green "Venus Fly Trap", symbolizing the vision of creating an inclusive "park" that blends nature, culture, and art. It not only showcases a pursuit of innovation but also expresses the magical power of the "Venus Fly Trap", bringing positive energy of love and hope to people.

*Item is limited in quantity. Purchase will not be available when the product is sold out.

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