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Royal Selangor

Since 1885, Royal Selangor has been synonymous with innovation and quality. Offering a wide range of tableware and gift items, the brand's designers and artisans continuously expand the limits of pewter design while staying true to its heritage of craftsmanship. Today, Royal Selangor exports to more than 20 countries, with offices in Malaysia, Singapore, the United Kingdom and Hong Kong.

Royal Selangor has been partnering with MEDICOM TOY for a series of BE@RBRICKs since 2017. To date, the brand has released more than a dozen hand-assembled BE@RBRICKS in a variety of designs, motifs, finishes and colours.

ES8075A_LE Bearbrick Dragon 400-1.jpg


The EARTH DRAGON BE@RBRICK draws inspiration from the revered Chinese dragon, symbolizing strength, prosperity, and good fortune. Its iridescent orange-copper hue reflects the dragon's vibrancy, energy, and vitality, further enhancing its pleasant and welcoming expression. The color also imbues the figurine with an earthly warmth, reminiscent of the dragon’s connection to the natural world. To emulate the Asian dragon's form, the BE@RBRICK features intricate openwork scales adorning its legs and body, meticulously crafted to evoke the power and grace of the mythical creature. The mesmerizing texture and attention to detail create a captivating piece that embodies the essence of this iconic symbol.

*Item is limited in quantity. Purchase will not be available when the product is sold out.

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