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Meet The Magic: In Celebration of Disney 100 by Philip Colbert & Jason Naylor

n celebrate Macao debut, ASCE is bringing its inaugural exhibition, “Meet The Magic: In Celebration of Disney 100 by Philip Colbert & Jason Naylor”  which is presented by Sands China and Forward Fashion Holdings, and curated by ASCE and Artox.  


The exhibition showcases a series of large-scale art installations by two internationally acclaimed artists with distinctive styles: Jason Naylor, a graffiti artist from New York, and Philip Colbert, a contemporary pop art master from Scotland, based in London. From 3 August  to 15 October, the exhibition takes place at various venues including The Venetian Macao and The Parisian Macao, bringing the enchanting art experience of "Meet the Magic '' to Macau. 。 

British contemporary neo-pop artist Philip Colbert

British contemporary neo-pop artist Philip Colbert transforms Mickey into his iconic giant cartoon lobster character through exquisite neo-pop art painting. His works are playful and imaginative, showcasing a tribute to the century-old Disney legend with rich details and a unique perspective.

New York graffiti artist Jason Naylor

“Meet the Magic” offers an enchanting experience that immerses visitors in a world of wonder, following the rhythm of art and seeking creative guidance. Using Disney's iconic characters as the blueprint, the exhibition incorporates the unique pop-art and street art style with vibrant colors and playfulness of the artists Jason Naylor and Philip Colbert – creating a light, joyful and magical atmosphere while highlighting the uniqueness of Macao as a city of multicultural art through an innovative showcase of giant art installations.  

The two artists have gone beyond creating two large-scale art installations inspired by Mickey Mouse at the lagoon of The Venetian Macao and Le Jardin. They are also presenting several classic reproductions of artworks in the lobby of The Venetian Macao, transforming the space into a vibrant art paradise. Additionally, ASCE, the Diverse and Explorative Art Hub at The Londoner Macao, showcases the vibrant original artworks of these two artists, extending the enchantment of summer art through their striking use of colors.

Grand Opening: 2023/08/02   Exhibition Period: 2023/08/03 - 2023/10/15  Venue: 

  • ASCE(Shop 2020 & 2021, Level 2 , Shoppes at Londoner) 

  • Lagoon and Main Lobby of The Venetian Macao  

  • La Jardin 

Organizer:Sands China   Co-organizer:Forward Fashion Group   Curator(s):ASCE & Artox

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