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PHANTACi, Jay Chou

PHANTACi is a fashion brand founded by the fashion icon Jay Chou and his friend Ric in 2006. The original concept of PHANTACi came from the nastiness the word Phantom conveys, and the great magnificence the idea of Fantasy can possibly reach. Located in central Taipei, PHANTACi provides the customers with edgy fashion choices and lifestyle inspirations, encouraging them to pursue their very own styles.

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This unique BE@RBRICK showcases Jay's passion for music and magic. Its design resembles a king from playing cards, which is a fun hint at Jay’s magic tricks. Adorned with stars, music notes, and Jay's name, every detail reflects his identity. More than just a collectible, it embodies a lifestyle, inviting fans to immerse themselves in Jay's world of music and art, fostering a deeper connection with his creative journey.

*Item is limited in quantity. Purchase will not be available when the product is sold out.

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