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MCZ Thomas

MCZ Thomas, an emerging graffiti artist from Macau, excels in creating surrealistic works with geometric compositions using various media, including graffiti, painting, and digital art, showcasing personal joy and emotions. Thomas often draws inspiration from elements of nature, using his works to express his artistic world and convey ideas of happiness and dreams. He has created numerous large-scale graffiti artworks that enliven the urban landscape of Macau and is also the first artist from Macau to collaborate with BE@RBRICK.

MCZ Thomas.jpg
B__BWWT 3 Thomas MCZ 1000�_9920.png


This BE@RBRICK exudes elegance, drawing inspiration from Thomas's deep admiration for Oriental culture. Inspired by soup dumplings and white champaka, it boasts iridescent pearl tones, symbolizing cultural fusion. The body showcases diverse flowers, symbolizing hope and endless possibilities. It twinkles like a shooting star, paying homage to the ever-evolving culture that Thomas adores.

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