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Haruka Shimazaki "Paruru"

Haruka Shimazaki is a well-known Japanese idol who was a member of AKB48 from 2011 to 2016. During her time with AKB48, she participated in the recording of numerous singles and albums, as well as various performances and events, gaining a wide fan base. Shimazaki was admired for her gentle and charming demeanor, as well as her outstanding performance skills, making her an important member of AKB48. After graduating from AKB48, she began seeking opportunities for personal development, including pursuits in the entertainment industry and solo activities. She has demonstrated impressive performances in music, television dramas, and commercials, earning widespread attention and support. With her talent and efforts, Shimazaki has established herself as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, continuing to attract the attention and affection of fans.

【image】島崎遥香 B_edited.jpg
B__BWWT 3 島崎 遥香 1000�_1503.jpg


In this BE@RBRICK design, she embodies her 15 years of radiant journey and aesthetic inspiration. Inspired by the Japanese phrase 'SHIO TAIOU', this design expresses the courage to always be honest and follow one's heart. Just like her heart, which shines brightly against all odds, she may look cold at first glance, but her heart always remains warm and positive.

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