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HAMCUS, founded in 2013 by Chinese designer Tuff Leung, is a fashion and functional brand redefines fashion with a dystopian edge. Inspired by science fiction movies and games, it champions individuality and freedom, crafting a unique multiverse that defies traditional clothing norms. Supporters of HAMCUS play roles in this dystopian virtual universe. With themes of "multiverse concept" and "open-world gaming worldview," the brand disrupts perceptions of functional clothing, becoming a focal point in the fashion industry.



The BE@RBRICK introduces a character named BB-112, which stands for "Beyond Boundaries 112", representing unique design principles and fearless exploration of the cosmos. BB-112 is portrayed as an Astral Relic Hunter, possessing the power to manipulate space-time, drawing inspiration from both interstellar travel and ancient mythology. Its mysterious appearance is influenced by the virtual world of the Lower Planet, where it is revered as a legendary figure. Wearing in the Geo-Cocoon Storm Ranger cloak by Hamcus, BB-112 embodies its identity as an Astral Relic Hunter, with colors reminiscent of desolate ruins.

*Item is limited in quantity. Purchase will not be available when the product is sold out.

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