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CANOTWAIT_ is a fashion brand founded by William Chan, symbolizes a spirit, representing the founder's pursuit of emotions and life, a declaration of no need to wait. The brand's philosophy is inspired by William Chan's passion for art and street culture.

B__BWWT 3 William Chan(CANOTWAIT) 1000�_


CANOTWAIT_'s first collaboration with BE@RBRICK draws inspiration from the brand's iconic "Venus Fly Trap" element. The transparent BE@RBRICK body is filled with green "Venus Fly Trap", symbolizing the vision of creating an inclusive "park" that blends nature, culture, and art. It not only showcases a pursuit of innovation but also expresses the magical power of the "Venus Fly Trap", bringing positive energy of love and hope to people.

*Item is limited in quantity. Purchase will not be available when the product is sold out.

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