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Anne Valérie Dupond

Anne Valérie Dupond, a French artist, graduated from Marc Bloch University, Strasbourg. She creates artworks using recovered fabrics, needle, and thread, infusing her work with sensitivity and humor. Dupond's art explores the duality of femininity and masculinity, humorously caricaturing stereotypes. She has collaborated with brands such as Comme des Garçons, KENZO, MEDICOM TOY, and more, inviting viewers to reconsider perceptions and embrace diversity through her works.

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This artwork seamlessly blends the iconic features of BE@RBRICK with the majestic presence of a lion, showcasing Anne Valerie Dupond's penchant for challenging contradictions in her creations. The lion's mane, crafted from soft fabric, exudes a gentle aura, transforming its once fierce gaze into one of curiosity. Anne skillfully portrays the coexistence of strength and vulnerability, as the BE@RBRICK, resembling a lion, navigates between the realms of reality and imagination. This intriguing piece invites viewers to embrace the duality of power and innocence, beautifully captured in this unique artistic fusion.

*Item is limited in quantity. Purchase will not be available when the product is sold out

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