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MCZ Thomas

MCZ Thomas, an emerging graffiti artist from Macau, excels in creating surrealistic works with geometric compositions using various media, including graffiti, painting, and digital art, showcasing personal joy and emotions. Thomas often draws inspiration from elements of nature, using his works to express his artistic world and convey ideas of happiness and dreams. He has created numerous large-scale graffiti artworks that enliven the urban landscape of Macau and is also the first artist from Macau to collaborate with BE@RBRICK.

MCZ Thomas.jpg


Cosmic Heart BE@RBRICK 400% draws inspiration from the cosmos, using graffiti spray painting to symbolize the continuous creativity bursting forth in the infinite art universe. Elements like cosmic lightning and stylish black gloves representing the artisan spirit of artists, interpret the artist MCZ Thomas's profound thoughts and explorations into humanity, the universe, and the future.

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